1. Why is there too much water in the salt tank?

Please read an explaination below for a Water Softener with 1.5 CuFt of Softening Resin; and the valve's setting for BLFC: 0.25GPM (imprinted the back of the valve):

[ At 15 lbs salt dose setting, Brine Fill Time = (1.5 CuFt)(15 lbs of salt / CuFt )(1 gal / 3lbs of salt)(1 min / 0.25gal) = 30 minutes ]

After each backwashing cycle, the system is programmed to draw water back into the salt tank to create a brine solution that is ready for the next backwash/regeneration.

A 1.5 CuFt of softening resin water softener (10"x54" Structural Tank).

Below is the calculation for brine solution in the tank:

  At the salt setting: 8lb of salt / CF of softening resin:  1.5 CuFt of resin x 8 lbs / CuFt = 12 lbs of salt needed for each regeneration

  1 gallon of water is needed to solute 3lbs of salt; therefore, 12 : 3 = 4 gallons of water is drawn back in the salt tank after each gereration.

  1gal = 0.13CF in volume. 4 gallons is about 0.52 CuFt in volume.

  The brine tank is 18" diameter or 0.75 ft radius.

  Volume of brine solution in tank = (0.75')(0.75') x 3.14 x Height of brine solution = 1.77 x H

  Therefore, Height of brine solution = 0.52 / 1.77 = 0.29ft = 3.5 inches of solution level for 8lb/CF salt setting (3.5 inches height of solution when the tank that has no salt in it.)

Likewise, approximately 7 inches of solution level for 16lb/CuFt of resin salt setting (use more salt, remove more hardness up to 100%, provide the most "slippery")

When salt is added the brine (salt) solution level is raised as well; at certain point, the brine solution level must stop. Now you see salt only.

If the brine solution level is still increasing time over time, there is a problem. If it stays at the same level until next regeneration, the system is OK.

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