Five-Stage Standard Reverse Osmosis Water Filter [RO-STD-550]



1. Why do we need a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter? [ How does it work? ]

    Nước có nhiều Chlorine, có mùi rất khó uống, hơn nữa khi dùng Water Softener, không ít thì nhiều có muối trong nước, cho nên cần phải có RO Water Filter gắn dưới sink để uống và nấu ăn. Với hệ thống này, không cần phải đi mua nước chai, hay nước lọc. Vào trang nầy, đọc thêm về "quy trình xử lý nước uống tinh khiết theo công nghệ R.O."

     In addition, other contaminants (review Water Quality Report) that a reverse osmosis water filter can remove includes the following (just a partial list):

arsenic (pentavalent)

asbestos      barium         
benzene cadmium copper
chlorine taste and odor cysts fluoride
haloacetic acids (HAA5's) lead magnesium                             
nitrates and nitrites

parasites like cryptosporidium    


perfluorochemicals (PFC's)

tannin TDS (total dissolved solids) sulfate
Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC's) trihalomethanes (TTHM's) zinc






2. What are included? 

1.  Filter #1-  5 Micron Sediment Filter: reduce dirt, sand and rust that cause cloudy water
2.  Filter #2-  5 Micron Pre-Carbon Filters: absorb Chlorine taste and ordor
3.  Filter #3-  Post-Carbon Filter: ensure your drinking water is clear and fresh
4.  Filter #4-  R.O. Membrane Filter: reduce dissolved substances such as radium, lead, and other unwanted impurities
5.  Filter #5-  GAC in-line filter: enhance water's taste (GAC: Granular Activated Carbon: than hoạt tính)
6.  Water Tank (thêm $30 cho brush nickle faucet)

3. Cost of filter replacement: Usually, we change filters every 6 month to one year (depends on usage), R.O. membrane in 2-3 years (depends on TDS level).

      $7 + $7 + ($45 membrance) +$7  + ($12 in-line) >>> about $21 for filter replacement.

4. Other brands: You can buy a Watts Premier 5SV in Costco for $199 + Tax. However, you need to know cost for filter replacement [ $15.95 + $9.95 + $9.95 + ($99) + $15.50 + Tax + S&H, ~$50-$60 for every 6-month ]

Need to spend $21 for filter replacement. KB Home installed a 1/4" tube from under sink to the fridge. You can buy a "Fridge filter by-pass plug" to plug this, not to use fridge filter which costs $50 for replacement every 6-month. In addition, 5 filters (5-stages) R.O. is better than 1 filter in the fridge.

Khi tham khảo, nhớ hỏi rõ là máy có mấy đầu lọc (3, 4, hay 5 stages), giá thay filters là bao nhiêu, giá thay membrane là bao nhiêu mới có thể so sánh "apple-to-apple" được.