Instructions to replace "Quick-Change" PROPLUS-RO filters:

714proq plus1. Turn off the feed water valve Valve Angle Stop Adaptor(if you see the blue Inline Ball Valve, turn counter-clockwise 90 degrees) valve inline

2. Turn off the Tank's Ball Valve (Turn counter-clockwise 90 degrees) TANK BALL VALVE

3. Open the RO faucet to release pressure

4. Replace the filters (just twisting like you open the cap of water bottle):

  • Note: The RO-membrane is the one with the black drain tube at the bottom; replace every 3-4 years.
  • Check the O-rings in the new filters to make sure they are in the proper channels
  • Replace Filter #1 - Sediment filter
  • Replace Filter #2 - GAC (Granular Activated Carbon)
  • Replace Filter #3 - Carbon block filter
  • (Note: Practically, replace in order 3-2-1)

4b. To replace the "inline" filter (between the RO Unit and the faucet) filter inline

  • View Youtube Clip and the Inlustration Photo below to pull the tube from the inline filter (note the arrow on the filter)
  • Remove the "thread-tube" adapter adaptor male and install into the new one
  • Install the inline filter (make sure the arrow in right direction)
  • View Youtube Clip (from 0:50):


5. Done! (It's ok to have the feeling "I should've called the installer! "), turn on 2 valves in Step #1 and Step #2.

tube removal