Whole House Backwashing Filter with Valve (Granular Activated Carbon)



  • 10"x54" vessel with Fleck5810 backwashing valveanalyticgac7000
  • 1.5 CuFt of Canalytic Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
  • Concept:  Untreated Water -> Fleck 5810 Valve/GAC (with drain to flower bed) -> Treated Water
    • Water enters the top of the tank and flows down through the media and up the distributor tube. The downflow type KDF/GAC Filter removes
      sediment and can be backwashed, which cleans and re-classifies the KDF/GAC, preventing channeling.
      During backwash the flow of water is reversed and water flows down the distributor tube and up through the media, lifting and expanding the
      KDF/GAC media. During the backwash the Greensand is cleaned by the action of the water flowing through it. 
  • Carbon filter with Fleck backwashing valve requires to have drain to a planter or a flower bed (graywater is not required to drain to a sewer system).
  • Learn how it works, Click here.  
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Benefits of a Whole House Carbon Filter: