APTERA Alkaline Filter ($140/ea + fittings) [ Scroll down to see "Biocera Alkaline" Filter ]


  • Quartz Crystals: These crystals impart a naturally light feel and sweet taste to the water.
  • Magnetic Ceramic: A natural iron rich volcanic rock.  This ceramic prompts the release of beneficial negative ions.
  • Torumarin: It induces electrolysis and generate negative ions.  It also ionizes water molecules by decreasing their size. It also imparts unique properties that helps inactive micro-organisms.
  • Bakuhanseki: Helps balance water PH.  It absorbs heavy metals and impurities in tap water.
  • Coral: Mined from a 20 million year old seabed layer which has been uplifted to ground level. It elutes 25% of the mineral contest in tap water, making it milder.
  • Calcor: mixture of calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide which acts as de-acidifiers and help balance the pH of the water. It also adds a pleasant mineral taste to the water. This product turns acidic drinkin water into alkalicalcium ion water. This natural calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ions can be absorbed 100% in body. Produces Alkali Calcium ionized water. Produces large quantity of Hydrogen and Oxygen.  Prevents reproduction of germs and virus.

alkaline diagram


"BIOCERA ALKALINE" Filter ($180/ea + fittings)