Survey performed in March 2010

1. GE Pro Elite - Nick Lendino: $4,450 + $500 RO (1.5CF resin; Logix Valve - this valve costs ~$300 - with resin sensor). Nick used to sell EcoWater System, owns Bayshore Water Conditioning Company. [GE's non-compliance drain connection - No Air-Gap]. The GE Pro Elite has a resin sensor for some sort of continuous monitoring of the water to detect the change in hardness.  It provides little benefit with municipal water. Hardness in City water won't change much and how much $ for salt you can save compared to $4,450 cost of the system? Logix Valve is longer allowed in California.

2. Puronics - Walt Ingram: $3,400 - $4,500 (1.5CF Resin Water Softener with a Clack valve, IQ Series)

3. Culligan Water Softener - John Bendickson: $3,000 + $900 RO Unit (1.5CF Resin Water Softener) - [Culligan Manual]  [Culligan Warranty]

4. LifeSource Water System - Howard Anderson: $4,000 for 10-years warranty. It's a carbon filter which is in "this list" - [LifeSource Manual]  [LifeSource Warranty]

5. H2O World Technology (This is KB Homes' Whole House Water Filtration Upgrade for $2,800) - Bryan Stark: $2,800 for NH20-50 or the bigger one, H2O Natural Pro, is $4,000. H2O uses Filtersorb SP3 [more science] of Watch Water Germany. Bryan Stark claimed its service life is 20 years???

6. Santa Clarita Water Conditioning - Dan Jimenez: $2,200 cho Hydro-Magnetic System, or $2,699 for ProScale system which uses Filtersorb SP3.

7. One Water Systems - Kevin Worsford: $3,200. It's a carbon filter, plus an electronic box WT5-EXT to control hardness. Read One Water Systems' Manual, page 11, "scale is still there; however, it's easier to clean...". In addition, One Water Systems is actually selling H2O Concepts products. Go to this page (in alphabetical order, scroll down to H2O Concepts), to learn about "AMP Force".

8. Sear's Kenmore Elite 420 Series WS: $800 (Sear's WS Diagram, Specs: 1.2CF Resin Water Softener, 1-yr Warranty. Read the "Review", it's broken after 1-year Warranty) - [Elite 420 Manual]

9. Kinetico - Mark Renfroe: $4,100 + $1,200 RO "No drain, no electricity", sounds great; however, no electricity, what if the system runs "backwash" at peak hours (when you're taking a shower)?  Is it worth for $5,300? Google-search to see how many complaints they got?

10. Rayne Water Softeners - Dave Tash: $2,600, 1.5CF Resin, Fleck 7000 or Clack valves.

11. Water, Inc. - John: $2,500 cho HousePure Soft Water Softener; and $3,700 for HousePure ScaleStop Whole-House System which uses Filtersorb SP3 [more indo] of Watch Water Germany

12. EcoWater Systems - Ryan Wardell: $3,995 for ECR3502-R50S Water Softener. Its brand name "EcoWater" with the wireless remote monitor (HydroLink), so one can bring this toy anywhere in the house to monitor his/her water quality. Is it needed? [EWS Manual] [EWS Warranty]

13. Well Water USA - Avi Amar: $1,550 + Tax cho 1.5CF Resin, Fleck 7000.

14. LeFay - PURETECH - Jara Petrik / Aon Johnson (Water Treatmet Systems - Advanced Technology in Irvine) $5,900 for 1.5CF Resin, mixed with a few other media in a 10"x54" vessel, Fleck 7000 Valve and a regular 5-Stage + Alkaline catridge RO System.

15. American Water Girl - Kim Coronado: Kim Coronado is used to be a "Sale Rep" for Culligan (2008).

16. Aquasana ( Note, the online models don't remove Chloramine. Only Model EQ-400 does; however, Model EQ-400 does not have NSF Certification [Click here]

Any other dealers that are not in this list? Email me the name, I'll tell you what they are selling.