Máy Water Softener

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        • 1.5 Cubic Feet of High Capacity Purolite C-100E Resin (45,000 grains capacity @ 15-lb salt setting)
        • Fleck 5810 Metered (On-Demand) high flow valve control
        • 10"x54" vessel; 3 colors to choose from black, blue, or almond (like Culligan)
        • Add $120 for a stainless steel jacket with a plastic cap (as shown) or $160 for fully welded stainless steel jacket)
        • Suggest to be installed with a Whole House Carbon Filter to completely reduce the objectionable taste and odors of Chlorine in City water for better taste and smell.

        • Water Softeners require electricity, salt, and drain to a sewer system.